Healthcare Marketing

In Healthcare marketing there is often a wealth of information to impart to the audience, and the challenge is to design the information in such as way that it is both interesting and yet easy to grasp. Another factor to consider is the public we wish to reach — consumer marketing requires information to be delivered differently than we would to doctors and technicians.

Regardless of the audience, company literature needs to present a consistent message as well as a unified look and feel. A customer,  vendor or competitor should never need to question who you are as a brand. We approach every project with this as a senior focus so that the material gets the information across clearly while being presented in the most memorable way possible. Our intention is to get you noticed in the marketplace and help you stay firmly in the minds of your target audience.


Client: AFTS Labs

Projects: Trade Show Booth, Sales Collateral, Informational Materials

This client had logo but no defined Brand Standards, so their promotional pieces lacked both distinction and a cohesive look and feel. Picking up the colors from their logo, we designed an overall brand look & feel that now dominates their marketing communications and makes them impactful and instantly recognizable.  We rolled this brand look and feel out to a number of projects including: trade show booth panels, advertising, a testing protocols brochure for doctors, sales collateral and infographic pieces, and informational materials for doctors’ use in determining testing protocols.