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Then, and Now.  The Landscape Has Changed — Drastically.

You’ve worked hard to build your company up to where it is today — perhaps for generations. Bottom line, it’s about providing top quality products and excellent service. You simply do that, build a solid reputation, and “everybody knows” … right? Let’s take a look.

To expand your company, you must continually attract NEW customers. And regardless of how well you’ve done up to this point — it’s competitive out there. Technology has shifted communication channels from in-person meetings and calls to virtual connections — meaning it takes a LOT more messaging to grab and hold the attention of your prospects.

two men shaking hands and smiling
Virtual business connections concept image

It’s More than Just Making Connections.

Email marketing. Online advertisng. Establishing a social media presence. OK, now you’re “connected” to people. Or are you?

Your content needs to not only cut through the noise, but cause the effect of generating the affinity for you — and your products — that an old-fashioned smile and handshake would create in the past.

Our Magic Formula: Creative, Effective Content

To cause prospects and  customers to know you, understand you, and want to purchase from you, your marketing content must be real to them, make them like or trust your company and products to some degree, and get them to respond.

Creating effective content for Industrial Companies starts with a thorough understanding of your audience — WHO are we communicating to? We also gain a solid working knowledge of your products and services — WHAT are we communicating about? And finally, HOW are we going to communicate to capture their attention and spark a response?

We employ research to get the answers to the first two questions. For question three, we use our 35+ years of professional experience to develop effective written content and creative visuals which will garner attention, appreciation, and interest from your specialized audience.

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Option 1 – We’ll Act As Your Full Service Agency

It’s impossible to grow a company beyond a certain size without putting attention and resources into marketing & promotion. From strategic planning, to creative execution, to reporting of results, ClearImages Design & Marketing can act as your full-service advertising & marketing agency. The advantage? You can concentrate on your core business. Expand your reach without worry. Let us be your professional creative arm that gets your message out to the world.

ClearImages Design & Marketing has been honored to help grow the below featured fine company as their full-service Advertising & Marketing Agency. We work together as true partners; we care as much about their company as they do. Our success lies in their success.


O’Keefe Controls Co. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of fluid control devices, including Precision Orifices, Flow Controls, Check Valves, and more. They provide extemely accurate, repeatable parts for small and miniature applications across a wide variety of industries.

Comprehensive Branding Program Ensures Instant Recognition

O’Keefe Controls Co. had a long-term, well-established logo. To maintain brand recognition, we simply refined and modernized the existing logo. Also, we created a tag line which expresses the key principle of O’Keefe Controls Co. products: If It’s About Precision, It’s O’Keefe. 

We developed a unique and creative Look and Feel for the company. To make O’Keefe Controls Co. stand out from competitors and other companies fighting for attention on online advertising platforms, we took an aesthetic approach to dispalying their products, rather than a traditional, conservative industrial approach. Product renderings are modern with dynamic, colorful backgrounds showing off the various parts. We also established a different accent color for each of their product categories.

Image of logo, tag line and brand standards manual

To maintain the integrity of the new visual brand into the future, we wrote and designed a comprehensive Brand Standards Manual. In addition to exact specifications of all of the brand’s visual elements, we worked with the client to develop and write their brand History, Corporate Description, Mission Statement and Core Values, as well as definiting their key Corporate Message.

Modern, Aesthetic Website Design

A top priority task was to update the existing website, which was an old-style HTML site done many years prior. The functionality goal was putting in place an online catalog, where customers could not only browse for parts, but also download CAD models, drawing and data sheets. The marketing goal was to create a modern website which attracted and converted users to customers, due to its written and visual content.

Following the newly establish Brand Standards, ClearImages created compelling WordPress landing pages for the website, which showed off the products visually, provided informative product content and industry-usage examples. We pushed users to the new Product Catalog with calls-to-action. Finally, we stressed continually the key messages of QUALITY and superior Technical Customer Service.

O'Keefe Controls Co. Website

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Series of print ads in a advertising campaign

An Advertising Campaign was executed in both print and digital editions of relevant Trade publications.

Advertising Increases Brand Recognition and Loyalty

A rigorous Trade Advertising Campaign was launched to increase exposure and drive prospects to our new website. After isolating top Trade publications and sites relevant to our clients’ audience, both print and digital advertising channels were employed. Unique, creative concepts were developed to draw attention and get the message across.  ClearImages manages the entire activity — from research and proposal of publications and which assets to choose, to concept, design, & copywriting of the creative, to overseeing execution and reporting on results.

In addition to Trade advertising, Google Display Network advertising gives our client wide exposure on populare sites such as Time, The Weather Channel, Sports Illustrated and USA Today.  Our Linked In Advertising targeted the medical device audience and generate many click-thtoughs to the website.

Increased exposure to their audience gains increasing recognition for the brand and its products. Seen enough, these ads engender Brand Loyalty. A first-time buyer of Nike chooses the brand mainly because he’s heard their name so often = “It MUST be good.”

Imags of Google Display Network ads on such sites as Time Magazine, Forbes, and Sports Illustrated. Images of Linked In ads

Google Display Network advertising and Linked In Ads reach a wide audience outside of Trade advertising. 

image of several whitepapers done for client on technical subjects

Whitepapers are a popular Lead Gen tool — they contain valuable content that helps your audience, while positioning you as an authority. 

Advertising Drives in Prospects through Lead Generation Opportunities

In addition to Brand establishment, we definitely wanted our advertising campaign to generate leads — giving us actual contact information of people who have shown interest in our products.

Lead Generation opportunities — including Trade eNewsletters, Whitepaper offerings on Trade websites, and others — were employed to gain contact information of interested prospects. Utilizing raw technical information provided by the client, ClearImages designed and wrote the content for several whitepapers and articles.

Capturing identities upon download, these offerings have increased the customer’s Prospect Data Base by thousands of contacts. Next, email marketing campaigns were designed and executed monthly to keep O’Keefe Controls Co. and it’s product offerings foremost in the minds of our prospects.

Image showing four e-newsletters showing client advertising

Advertising in relevant Trade eNewsletters is a proven, effective Lead Generation tool.

Option 2 – We’ll Help You on a Project By Project Basis

Not looking for a full-service agency approach?  No worries. We’ve helped scores of customers on a project by project basis. We provide the same care and attention all clients. Each project — whether large or small — is important and deserves the same healthy dose of creative juices we give our agency work. We’re happy to say our clients apparently agree, coming back to us over and over with new projects. 


David Weber Oil Company is a leader in providing the highest quality industrial lubricants. ClearImages Design & Marketing has had the pleasure of  helping them strengthen their corporate identity with a full Branding project, as well as helping to increase sales with numerous other projects, including product brochures, trade show banners, advertising, and more.

Corporate Re-Brand Emphasizes Product Line

David Weber Oil Co. had a unique branding challenge. They had established a product brand — Gibraltar Industrial Lubricants — which was used in conjunction with the company brand. Both had not previously been professionally designed. They wanted to update and stregnthen both brands — and they needed to work together visually. 

We created a strong, industrial-looking logo for the Gibraltar products, which reflects the quality and durability of their lubricants, which are specially formulated to hold up in extreme operating conditions. We created a very clean, sophisitcated look and feel for the David Weber Oil Company logotype, which would not fight with, but would compliment to Gibraltar logo visually. 

Gibraltar Industrial Lubricants logo, and David Weber Oil Co. Stationery

The original Gibraltar logo was a thin, outline drawing of the Rock of Gibraltar. We solidified and stylized it to make it look strong and substantial — a better reflection of the product quality and durability.  The steel-plate background texture of the bottom portion invokes the heavy machinery these lubricants are used for. 

Three Booth Banners for Elevator Industry Trade show
Weber Oil Company Product Brochures for the Elevator Industry

Strong, Distinctive “Look & Feel” Makes the Brand Instantly Recognizable.

We created a very strong Brand “Look & Feel”, which incorportes the new logos within flowing graphic shapes, in the corporate colors. These graphic shapes reflect the fluid nature of their products.

This Look and Feel has been applied to all sales materials, including Brochures, Sell sheets, Data Sheets and Trade Show Banners, and more. This unifies the materials and makes the Brand very recognizable, even from across a trade show floor.

The samples to the top left show three 3-foot x 7-foot banners created for their booth at an Elevator Industry trade show. Also shown are four product brochures which were designed for informational handouts. Below is an ad which ran prior to the trade show for their environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil for elevators. 

Weber oil Ad for Bio-Safe Hydraulic Oil for Elevators

Whatever You Need, We’re Ready to Help

Do you feel it’s difficult to grow in today’s competitive marketplace?  Do you want better brand recognition with your audience? Could your marketing materials use some freshening up?  Do you need a more modern website with better functionality? Looking for Lead Generation?  If the answer is YES to one or more of these questions, we’re here to help.