Our Story: From Sole Proprietorship to Boutique Agency

Karin Greene photoKarin Greene
Founder, Creative Director

Karin graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984 with a BFA in Design. She immediately moved to Manhattan and after doing just a couple of years as a 9-to-5 staff designer, went ahead and opened her first graphic design studio, Karin Greene Designs, in 1987— much more exciting!  As business grew, ClearImages was established in 1994, offering professional video directing and production services in addition to graphic design.

With the industry continuing  to change along with our key channels and methods of communication, Karin has continued to drive ClearImages in the direction of embracing new technology and methods while retaining the underlying excellent design and solid marketing basics that caused expansion in the first place. As Creative Director of ClearImages, Karin has forwarded an aesthetic vision unrivaled in the business, keeping the philosophy firmly in place that effective marketing communications require excellent design and aesthetic solutions.

Along the way, in order to meet the challenges successfully of running a business as well as continuing to stay on top of industry trends, Karin continued her education, completing many courses not only on the technical design side but also in marketing and business management. Untapping a surprising passion for the business side of things, in 2009 Karin became a licensed Consultant in the very successful Hubbard® Management System, renowned world-over for its workable business technology, and she spent many years heading the Greater New York Chapter of the Effective Management Association (EMA), holding weekly meetings with renowned guest speakers as well as delivering marketing workshops personally to help others gain success in business.

Not one to even entertain the idea of retiring, Karin continues to actively expand ClearImages Design Inc. In 2016, full-scale advertising services were added to service clients in online and print Trade Advertising programs. With online presence and reach coming to the forefront of marketing communications, we have continued to expand our offerings to stay abreast of the trend. To this end, online marketing and SEO services were added.  All said and done, ClearImages Design & Marketing Inc is able to offer businesses top Agency products and services, at a fraction of the cost of Madison Avenue firms. 

Our Purpose, Vision, and Core Values

Our Purpose

We exist to help our customers prosper in business by marketing their products effectively. This is accomplished by determiing the correct strategy, and execuing it with creative visual and written content that gets attention and resonates with our clients’ audiences.

Our purpose is to increase our customers’ brand recognition, help drive in new customers, and have sales rise as a result. To that end, we offer full creative services which focus on creative content that gets results. Complete marketing services include market research, strategic planning and program creation, with precision execution throughout every facet of the program.

Our Core Values

You are more than just one of the crowd. To you, public image and the value of your brand matter. You want to remain profitable in business so that you can service more customers with excellent, helpful products. If you’re just starting out, re-branding, or simply wanting to increase your market share, your customers need to see the best representation of who you are and what you do.

We spend the time to survey your market and learn what they really need and want — not only to understand them but to actually be able to communicate to them with reality.  Then we craft a promotional plan that takes in to account the best way to reach your market and bring your company and its products and services to the forefront of their minds. Our custom content solutions are creative and aesthetic in a way that gets the ideas across faster and with more impingement. In other words — they get results.

To put it simply, we provide clear marketing communications, creatively done, by seasoned professionals who know your markets.

Quality Driven

We’ll spend extra time to “get it right,” as opposed to a “quickie solution.” We’ll do what it takes to present a product that we’re all happy with, even if that entails showing our client extra versions that weren’t asked for — presenting the best possible solution within the project’s constraints. We intend to always create a quality product and a great experience for your company.

Working with Clear Images is actually fun. I get consistently great graphic designs, top-notch creative thinking and fast turn-around — with none of the ego problems I’ve experienced elsewhere. ClearImages is always my first choice.
Scott Shand

Scott Shand & Associates