Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a crowded market; the average American is bombarded with nearly 1,000 advertising messages a day. With that much competition, it can be hard to stand out. Our skilled designers will communicate your message clearly, and etch it in the mind of your customers.

We take the time to understand your audience, and use survey data to not only approach your potential customers in the correct way, but also to understand them. Too often, companies do not understand who their clientele as people, and due to that, the message falls on deaf ears. It always comes down to communication. At ClearImages Design, we are experts in communication; making sure your message does not fall on deaf ears.

Client: Sperber Direct Inc

Direct Marketing Project:

Direct Mail Package selling Easter craft kit. Project components include Outer Envelope, Product Brochure, Letter, L-shaped, perf-off Reply Card, BRE and Lift Note.