Website design

These days, if you don’t have a website, you “don’t exist” in your audience’s mind. This fact makes your website the most important marketing communication you present to your audience. If you think of your site as your “online storefront”, then you must decide how you want that “store” itself to look as well as what you choose to present in it’s “windows.”  To continue with our analogy, would you like to present a second-hand shop front, or a Nieman Marcus?  Many people can build websites, but very few have the background to create the perfect online communication. Modern customers spend less and less time on a single site. Our aesthetic and inviting design and clear messaging keeps more of your customers browsing and cuts down on your bounce rate.


Client: Madison Park Advisors

Project: Logo Design and Website

Website design & brand identity including logo design and development of positioning concept. Firm is positioned with sailing as it represents swiftness and skill — this is how Madison Park Advisors helps to navigate clients into the public marketplace. Design and develop website look and feel based on the positioning concept. Site included development of infographics to inform about their proprietary product, the MACH2.
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Product page: Designed infographic describing proprietary product and timeline.