Editorial Design

Whether a magazine or a newsletter, publications are your way of consistently communicating to customers and prospects with content they can find interesting and valuable. Additionally, publications provide a valuable platform for select advertisers to reach your audience. The quality of what you publish instills confidence in your client base and helps establish you as an opinion leader for them.

The design of editorial content is a crucial factor in whether or not the publication is actually read. Attractive layouts with some attention-grabbing elements, easy-to read text and a logical hierarchy in the presentation of information will allow readers to assimilate the content. The more widely read and understood, the more the content will be shared, leading to more subscribers, greater impact in the marketplace and ultimately more advertising dollars as your publication’s circulation increases.


Client: R Media Publishing

Project: Private School Guide of South Florida

A 56-page magazine; includes cover design and Photoshop work, article design; 6-page directory, 4-page pull-out chart displaying school attributes at-a-glance; ads. Published semi-annually; Spring 2015 issue shown.

Project: Summer Camp Fun

A 16-page magazine published as a pull-out insert in the Spring 2015 issue of Private School Guide.