The fact that you’re reading this blog shows that you’re already suspicious of your logo designing agency’s skills – and you’re right to be careful! Logo designing services aren’t cheap, and they’re an essential ingredient in any logo that sells.Professionally designed logos are the foundation of your brand’s identity. In one small graphic, they memorably embody your brand, differentiate you from the rest, foster loyalty, and create profitable first impressions. However, that’s only when done right!

If your logo is failing you, you may need a logo designing agency. Here are three tell-tale signs of a terrible agency to help you make up your mind.

#1 Trends Are Not Timeless

There’s a reason that ‘trends’ are described as a current preference – they will inevitably change. If your trendy logo is currently working, there’s no guarantee it will work tomorrow too. Any designer worth their salt knows this.

Relying on trends when designing logos, or anything for that matter, is not only lazy but risky. They’re jumping on the global bandwagon and becoming part of the crowd while also risking looking like ‘old news’ when the trend fades. Remember the hipster mustache? Yeah, it’s cringe-worthy now.

#2 Ruining Your Rep With Raster Files

Your logo needs to be readable from far and near to make a memorable impact that sells. If prospects can’t see or understand your logo, how will they remember your brand and stay loyal to it? That’s where vector vs. raster files come in (as well as basic design principles).

Zoom into your logo to see if it pixelates the closer you look. If it is, does it matter? Yes, it matters a lot, and every experienced logo designer knows this. A reliable designer knows your logo needs to look good at every size so it can be used in multiple ways; on mobiles, promotional pens, small products, and so on. Raster files don’t allow this, whilst vector files offer endless branding opportunities.

#3 Blind To Black And White

Just as your logo needs to look good and legible at every size, it also needs to pop in every color. Although your brand may be bright and colorful, and experienced logo designer knows that it will inevitably be printed in black and white at some point – whether for prints, photocopies, coupons, and so on.

If your logo’s design, style, and shape are indistinguishable in black and white, it’s a good sign of your logo designing agency’s prowess.

If your logo designing agency has made any of these rookie errors, it’s time to hire one that will represent your brand image in the best possible way and according to expert design principles.

That’s where ClearImages Design comes in! Our logo designers are experts in their field, boasting years of experience, and countless happy customers. Using in-depth market research and your brand’s essence as a guide, they will design a logo that embodies your brand’s identity – visually and conceptually.

Get in touch with us now to redesign your logo with real professionals and reap the rewards!