Your company’s branding is the foundation of its identity – it differentiates you from your competitors in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It embodies your company’s essence, core values, offerings, voice, and style, as well as indicates what prospects should expect.Simply put, the branding of your company encompasses who you are and who you want to be while influencing how people perceive it to be. So getting it right is essential for your reputation.

Our branding specialists have decided to share their top four tips to help you build a brand that grabs attention, influences buyer behaviors, and sells.

#1 Have A Logo Professionally Designed

Your company’s logo is the window to your brand identity. It encompasses your brand’s mission, makes it memorable, fosters brand awareness and loyalty, distinguishes you from the crowd, and acts as your prospects’ first impression.

A professional logo designing agency will develop a logo that shines across marketing channels and mediums, from promotional products to print ads, uniforms, thumbnails, and beyond. Once you have your logo, put it everywhere!

#2 Blend Your Brand Into Every Aspect Of Business

When branding your company, it needs to blend into your everyday business efforts to be memorable and profitable. It needs to be front-of-mind all the time and reinforced regularly for you to reap the rewards.

Your brand’s essence should be embodied in how you answer phone calls, what your staff wears, your social media, your email signatures, your color schemes – everything.

#3 Cultivate A Company ‘Voice’ That Reflects Your Brand

Gone are the days of cold, inhuman brands! Today’s consumers seek out relatable brands that hold a human touch – and any human needs a voice. Developing a brand voice that reflects your company’s identity is integral to branding, as it reinforces who you are in every communication.

Is your brand friendly and personable? Be conversational. Is it classy and distinguished? Be formal. Is it fun? Lose the formalities and be playful.

#4 Craft A Tantalizing Tagline

Your company’s tagline, or slogan, is a short, sweet statement that encompasses what you’re all about and evokes an idea of your brand within your prospects’ minds – so it has to be memorable and meaningful.

Think about the branding possibilities of a tagline that tantalized your audience. For example, Nike’s “Just Do It” has reached viral proportions based on its simplicity, relevance, and memorability.

With our specialists’ tips, you should have no problem branding your company. However, building a memorable, profitable brand takes experience and graphic design savvy.

If you’d like guidance in branding your company, come to ClearImages Design! Our branding company will develop branding that captures your company’s essence – visually and conceptually.

Contact us now to build a brand that exceeds your expectations, not your budget!