Your logo should grab attention, create profitable first impressions, embody your brand’s identity, be memorable, and distinguish you from competitors. Without the time and money to invest in learning graphic design yourself, professional logo designing services are your best friend. However, your lack of design-savvy needn’t completely remove you from the process!They know graphic design; you know your business and market.

The more you understand about designing a logo, the easier it will be to communicate what you want so that they can create a particularly lucrative logo.

To help you collaborate, here are five powerful logo design tips from our experts!

#1 Keep It Clean

You want to make sure that your logo is easily seen, understood, and recognized among your prospects. To this end, it must be readable from a distance.

You can do this by keeping it clean – what designers consider leaving ample blank space around a simple design.

Onyx Photography’s logo illustrates this perfectly. Using two brackets encasing the “o” in their name to create a camera icon, they designed a creative, readable logo that shows what they do at a distance.

A clean logo is also easier to integrate into different designs and formats for other marketing materials, such as brochures and posters.

#2 Think Inside The Box

‘Boxed in’ logos, where graphics or names are put inside squares or rectangles, are an excellent way to make your logo pop professionally.

Their compact, clean shape fits seamlessly into digital formats, letterheads, merchandise, and presentations without looking cluttered.

However, don’t limit yourself to boxes. If your business targets a more informal audience, you can get creative with the shapes you use and add interesting gradients or textures for added wow-factor.

#3 Pretty, Yet Practical

Sure, designing an eye-catching logo is vital. But what’s the point if it doesn’t work in practice?

When you’re pitching ideas to your designers, think about where and on what it’ll be used. For example, if your business relies on networking, it will need to look good on business cards.

Pro tip: An online MockUp Generator will help you visualize this.

#4 Leveraging Visual Salience

Visual salience, or using design elements to make an object stand out from its surroundings, can be achieved by adding a splash of color.

It will make your logo more eye-catching and prevents it from feeling flat, helping it pop out to your audience. An excellent example of this would be Amazon’s logo.

Speak with your designers about incorporating color, as well as which color would invoke the right feelings for your business.

#5 Two Concepts, One Design

Although less is often more when it comes to logo designing, you can still get creative.

By re-interpreting a particular concept related to your brand, your designers could create a memorable logo with two pictures wrapped into one.

It will create a clever, yet readable, mind game for your audience who will appreciate the creativity that went into it.

For example, The WinePlace’s logo has a thumbtack that doubles up as both a location pin icon and an upside-down wine glass.

Similarly, FedEx’s logo plays with negative space, creating an arrow between the “e” and “x.”

With these tips, you’ll have no problem making the most of your chosen logo designing services. Luckily, we’ve got one more tip for you – make sure to work with experienced specialists, like ClearImages Design!

We will work closely with you to create an innovative logo that stands out in a crowded marketplace and gets your message across, visually, and conceptually.

Contact us today to create a logo that cuts through the clutter and sells!