Welcome to our brand new website!

CIDM logo-bkgndClearImages Design has gotten more than just a face-lift— we’ve revamped our corporate identity to reflect the marketing services we offer in addition to graphic design.

Over the years the industry has changed a lot, and we’ve been in it through the long haul—from paste-up to podcasts; from direct mail to social media marketing. As we are in the communication business, we’ve needed to stay attuned to the way the world communicates, and respond with program offerings for our clients which will reach people on the channels they are on, interest them, and engage them to respond in some fashion.

However this does not mean we’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water!  Our company was built on the idea that solid visual design basics form the bedrock of good promotional communication. And over the years, despite the latest buzz words and marketing fads — “sales funnels”,  “lead generators”, et al — it remains true that quality response comes from WHAT is put into that funnel or generator — in terms concept, visuals and message.

If it’s true these days that “Content is King,”  then we’d better “dress him up nice” —and that means clear, creative visuals.  What’s trending these days? Image-based communication.  One need only to look at the rise and popularity of communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Snapchat, etc. to see that this is how people like to communicate. Thus it stands to reason that clear, creative visual communication will benefit a business most in terms of hitting the reality of their audience — whether they are a B-to-C or a B-to-B concern.

This brings us right back to our bedrock design principles, and those remain senior to us in any project we take on. Let’s put it this way: To get from the Caribbean to the Pacific, obviously the fastest way was to cut through the isthmus of Panama, so the Panama Canal was built. But that doesn’t mean we have to go through it in a dingy—let’s take a cruise ship through, and see how much impact that makes!  Make no mistake —  stellar, professional creative design in promotional materials IS like the difference between traveling on a cruise ship and a dingy, for customers.