Content Creation Management

Entrepreneurs and businesses sometimes struggle to create enough valuable content to reach their audience — the time investment needed being one of the top gripes. However, it’s just a matter of viewpoint—the door is actually wide open for someone with a focused mission who really wants to get themselves out there. The key is the creative repurpose of content. Using some of the following methods, you can make an impact starting with just one piece of superior-quality content.

Let’s make one thing very clear right up front: “to repurpose content” does not mean you write a blog post once, then repost it ten times; that’s distasteful and and actually hurts SEO. Rather, here’s a step-by-step method that you can try and if you do it well could be the “secret sauce” for your brand.


STEP ONE: Blog Post:

Start by writing a really great blog post — high-end, quality content with the right citations and directed towards your public. It must be original content; in order to do the rest of the steps following, that’s very important.


STEP TWO: Podcast:

Create a 5-10 minute podcast based upon what  you just wrote in your blog. In preparation, bullet point it out, don’t be robotic, and don’t be afraid to adlib a bit. Remember, now you’re speaking aloud to a human audience, so you have to have good verbal communication (Danger, Will Robinson!) A good tip if you’ve never done this before is to practice saying it aloud a few times before you hit “record.”



How this step looks depends upon what you did in the previous step. If you did your podcast as a video or movie file, which I recommend, then this step becomes a no-brainer. Other options include putting an audio file behind some sort of imagery (many video editing softwares can do this easily) and create a video from that. Then you can upload in places such as YouTube and Vimeo.

STEP FOUR: Transcription:

There are many different options for doing this, but the point is, now you can get your original podcast / video transcribed, meaning a document of everything said in its duration. This can be used this effectively for a lead capture, as a white paper or as some sort of special report which is promoted out to your audience.


STEP FIVE: Quote Graphics:

Have you seen those quote squares all over social media? They’re shareable and tend to get a lot of interaction. Now that you have a transcription of everything you’ve just said in your audio program, its time to create some meaningful and shareable social content from it. Apps like Typorama are really great for this.

You may have to tweak your methods a bit and figure out the best way that this will work for you, but this is a workable blueprint on how to write something once and continue to use it while still delivering value. If you observe a lot of big brands online, they are doing exactly the same — it’s one way they’re able to be in so many different places and deliver a message that really impacts. They are repurposing a single piece of original content into several different media and formats, thus maximizing on message itself and on the time that it took to create it.

Can you think of more of these which didn’t make our cut?
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