Top 5 Tools to Make Your Marketing

Obscurity is your biggest enemy. Your business needs to get known by more people, it needs to constantly be introduced to a new public. There is a market out there for just about every product or service but it is the responsibility of the resourceful business owner to get noticed.

In this crowded online space, there are many business owners doing exactly the same thing. You need to find out how to not only stand out but also take more action. I have found that for many businesses just creating more coverage can help to drown out the sea of business that are the same and doing exactly the same thing.

Differentiation is important, but so is getting seen, you may be different but if no one knows about you then your company is doomed. In online marketing there is a strategy that works for really getting it out there.

This article series will the first in a series that will teach you all about getting found online and increasing your online presence.

  1. What’s your big message
    Why is it that you do what you do? For most its money. Sure, we all want to make money, but look at the deeper meaning of what you do; something that people can connect with. The communication is being sent out to other humans, so it’s important that humans can receive it — some online marketers haven’t quite figured that out yet!

    Tell a story, a good story will sell and connect with others on an emotional level. What’s your brand story? What’s that moment that others can really connect with and build a relationship with your brand? Once you figure that out, you have a powerful message.

  2. Boom your message out there
    You need to have as much content as possible in order to now find your market. See our article about the content creation formula for an easy way to do this. Its important to have as many touch points as possible and fight having your brand be obscure.
  3. Hone the message
    Now, that you have created all that content, its time to see what gets the most interaction. What has the most likes and follows on social media? What has the most views on YouTube? Which podcast has the most listens?

    You now know what your market resounds with. Its time to cut out everything else, and focus on creating only the type of content that got the most social interaction. Also, at this point you want to differentiate and add your own flavor it to.

  4. What do you want people to do?
    Its great to get noticed, but what action to you want the people interacting with your content to take? Did you know that a lot of social media celebrities are actually broke? They’re great at content creation but they do not bring people in to their email list or have a product or service to sell. Since you’re reading this as a business owner, you have the income portion taken care of, but now we just have to fill up that funnel with leads.

    Every piece of content you create should drive your audience to take some sort of action. Never leave out that call to action, always give the consumer of content an action to take — tell them very explicitly what why want them to do. Never leave the action that the audience takes off of your content to chance.

It’s important to cast a wide net at first because you just don’t know what will resound with the audience yet. You may have a viewpoint that you think will totally grab them but may just fall on deaf ears. That’s why I recommended you create and see what they really go for and keep the petal to the floor from there.

In the next article, we will cover strategies to get more press for your brand. We covered content creation here, which its important to have first and foremost because its great to get noticed in press, but if you have zero content will be pretty much worthless. Start with content first and next will we concentrate on getting some press.

Can you think of more of these which didn’t make our cut?
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